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Quickies… when time is of the essence

The Cock Star and I were able to get in a quickie tonight in the bathroom. We’ve been a little stagnant as of late as his 14-year-old son is staying with us for a few weeks over summer vacation.

I guess ordinarily this wouldn’t pose a problem, but the Cock Star has a job that keeps us living on the road 24/7 so home for us is an RV. No, it’s not the pimped-out porn-mobile you might be envisioning. It’s a run of the mill travel trailer with all the modern amenities you would expect to find… including a rather small bathroom that proved large enough for a good fucking this evening.

It seems my text from earlier today left the Cock Star with a chub all day and he was in desperate need to shoot his load. But, as I mentioned, we have a guest at the moment so time was a luxury we didn’t have. We figured we only had a few minutes as the kiddo was just in the bathhouse at the RV resort where we are staying.

Without so much as a kiss on the mouth, the Cock Star had me out of my swimsuit and was sucking my nipples and kneading my tits… telling me he had to have me now.

“I want to taste that sweet pussy,” he said as he worked his hand down onto my mound.

“No way… not now. He will be back any second,” I protested halfheartedly.

I wanted him. I wanted him bad. I knew we didn’t have time to do all the things I had been fantasizing about all day… but we had time for a quickie… and that my friends is better than rubbing one out in the shower all by myself.

With the door to the bathroom open to give us a little more room and my hands bracing myself against the vanity, he rubbed his hard cock again my ass. I reached between my legs and plunged my fingers into my cunt to make sure it was good and wet… no doubt there. I had been waiting for this all day.

I straightened just enough to catch our reflections in the mirror and looked him straight in the eyes as I licked my hot sex juice from my fingers.

“I need you now baby,” I pleaded as I reached between my legs again.

This time grabbing his throbbing hard-on. I stroked it and teased his balls with my fingertips.

He grabbed my hips as he thrust himself into me and granted my wish. We weren’t making love… we were fucking. We were filling a need that we both had deep within us… it was primal.

As he took me from behind I had to brace myself against the vanity and hold the mirror to the medicine cabinet for fear of its contents spilling out from the violent shaking of the camper. Yes it was a quickie, but it was hot and sexy and it made me feel complete.

After we took a second or two to catch our breath I turned to him and went down on my knees. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked our cum off his still semi-hard shaft. I love the way we taste together… it’s nectar to me.

Sexting… and how this blog came to be

Welcome to the Ramblings of a Horny Housewife… Stories from a Dirty Mind. This blog is the result of having a very prolific sexting relationship with my husband, The “Cock Star”.

Some of what you read here will be fantasy… some of what you read will be actual experiences… I’ll let you decide which is which.

This is the text to the Cock Star from this morning that made me decide to start this blog.

I want to stand under the cool water with you… feeling the drops caress our bodies… my nipples hard from the chill and from desire… i want to run my hands up your strong arms… feeling your muscles flex as you squeeze my tits and suck my nipples… I want to feel your hands as they caress my hips and then pull me into you… I can feel your rock hard cock sliding between my thighs… teasing my wet pussy… you reach around and grab my ass… and give it a gentle squeeze… and then out of no where you smack my ass… the sheer unexpectedness and heat of it almost makes me cum as I beg you to fuck me… you say not yet… no until I lick your beautiful cock and suck your balls… your hands are in my hair and your guiding my head to make my mouth take in every inch of your magnificent cock… I struggle a bit as it hits deep in my throat… i hear you moaning as you say that’s
 right… take all of it… and then just about as I’m about to rub my clit you pull me up by my hair and tell me my pussy is yours and you want a taste… you push me back against the wall and spread my thighs with your strong hands… then you use your fingers to open me up and you see how my clit is pulsing with desire… you kiss it gently at first and then you lick and suck it until I’m about to cum all over your face … but you stop again… and just tease my aching dripping wet pussy with your tongue … again I start to quiver … but you know I’m on the edge and you rise up… and kiss me… you kiss me passionately and I can taste my sweet pussy on your lips… I reach for your cock but you spin me away from you and pull my hips back into you… I can feel your hard cock sliding smoothly between my ass cheeks… I have to have it… your driving me wild and I want to cum so bad… I’m begging you… Please fuck me… please fuck my pussy… just then you push me to bend over and you reach around to and press your hand on my clit and I can feel my pussy spasming with desire … and then you thrust your entire cock into my dripping pussy … it takes my breath away and I start to moan louder and louder… Oh yes, fuck me harder… I’m squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples as you continue to pound your hard cock into me… and then I can hear you start to cum… it starts as a low growl …  a wave of hot steamy ecstasy washes over us as we cum together… shuddering with each incredible spasm after spasm… I reach for the wall to steady myself… my legs are still shaking as continue to ride out the orgasm… you turn me around again to face you and you kiss me deeply… passionately … you hold my face in your hands … as the water falls and washes over our spent bodies…

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~Thanks for cumming~

I Just love a nice long shower…